Q: How many mobile devices can I use Skyscape with at the same time?

A: With Skyscape you can view your Skyscape resources on a SINGLE mobile device at a time.  You are able to switch between multiple devices by signing out and then signing in to the Skyscape app.

Step 1: SIGN OUT
  1. From the 1st mobile device open Skyscape  
  2. Go to SETTINGS
  4. Tap on KEEP RESOURCES when prompted
At this point you will be signed out of the Skyscape app- but all your resources will be saved so you will not need to download again.

Step 2: SIGN IN
  1. From the 2nd mobile device open Skyscape
  2. AGREE to the license agreement
  3. Tap on SIGN IN
  4. Enter your Skyscape email and password
  5. Tap on SIGN IN

When you SIGN IN to the second device you will have the option to download the resources that registered to your Skyscape account.  Once you download them once you will not need to download again.

You can add, remove, and change devices in your Skyscape account by using the Device Manager tool online.  Click the on the link below to sign in to your Skyscape account and manage your devices: https://www.skyscape.com/secure/DevMgmt.aspx




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