Q:  How do I cite a Skyscape resource in a bibliography?


A:  Skyscape resources can be referenced just like a textbook. If you are in nursing school and use APA format for citations, APA style is a set of rules that authors use when submitting papers for publications in APA journals, the publication manual of the American Psychological Association contains guidelines for every aspect of writing, from determining authorship to constructing a table to avoiding plagiarism and constructing accurate reference citations. APA treats electronic versions of a textbook as if it was a book. Since Skyscape resource content is based on textbooks, just cite it as if it is the book and put Skyscape as the electronic publisher and the "publisher name" as the print publisher. When you cite a book you do not have to put the page numbers . If your instructor requires more information, then you can reference the topic.

To view the Author, Publisher and Editor information from the Skyscape app on your device open the resource you want to find book information:  Tap on menu icon in lower right of your screen, scroll over to (i) for info and tap view book title, author/editor and publisher information.




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