Skyscape medical and nursing references are an example of diagnosis, drug and drug interaction software that fit within the new PhRMA guidelines.

Please read below for a list of key points regarding the new PhRMA regulations and sponsoring Skyscape software!

PhRMA Marketing Guidelines Skyscape References
Interaction must benefit patients and enhance the practice of medicine. With over 30,000 patients dying every year due to medical errors, clinicians are rapidly adopting solutions that provide up-to-date clinical, drug and drug interaction information right at the patient's bedside. A Harris Interactive study estimates that 50% of physicians will be using handhelds (PDAs) by 2004. Skyscape's handheld Medical and Nursing references are used every day by over 160,000 clinicians to help prevent medical errors.
Interactions should ensure that healthcare professionals have the latest, most accurate information available regarding prescription medicines. Skyscape provides the largest breadth and most trusted, current drug, drug interaction and clinical references available on the market today for PDAs. References powered by Skyscape contain the tried and true content of the world's leading publishers and is not home-grown.
Items given to healthcare professionals must not be of substantial value ($100 or less). Skyscape references cost between $30 and $75 and include drug books, drug interaction guides and clinical references in over 25 specialties to meet your healthcare customers' needs.
Gift certificates redeemable for medical books on patient care could be provided if they are not of substantial value. However, open ended gift certificates are not allowable under PhRMA guidelines. Skyscape's programs allow reps to buy gift certificates or individual licenses that are ONLY redeemable for copies of Skyscape medical or nursing reference software. According to PhRMA, software and medical books are similar.
Marketing of products should ensure that products are used correctly for maximum patient benefit. Skyscape references include the same trusted content that clinicians have been using for years developed by the world's leading publishers including Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Thomson, McGraw-Hill, Therapeutic Research and F.A. Davis. These powered by Skyscape references provide the latest information on diagnoses, drugs, dosing, drug interactions and more to help clinicians provide the best possible patient care.

*Effective July 1, 2002, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have voluntarily adopted new ethical marketing guidelines. The goal of these guidelines is to ensure that relationships with healthcare professionals "benefit patients and enhance the practice of medicine". These guidelines specify that items which benefit patients may be given to healthcare professionals as long as they are not of substantial value ($100 or less). Promotional guidelines may also vary by pharmaceutical and biotechnology company.




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