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Robert F. Kennedy Center and Physicians Interactive Launches Health eVillages mHealth Initiative

First-Ever Consortium of Healthcare and Human Rights Organizations Providing Mobile Medical Technology to Challenging Regions Worldwide

Marlborough, MA (September 26, 2011) Today marks the official launch of an historic healthcare and human rights advocacy consortium, Health eVillages, which aims to bring mobile medical reference and decision support technology to clinicians fighting to save lives in underserved regions worldwide. Physician's Interactive Holdings, with its subsidiary, Inc., in partnership with the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, will formally announce the creation of Health eVillages during this year's Health 2.0 Conference. Health eVillages will be assisting healthcare professionals practicing medicine in the most challenging clinical environments, by providing them with mobile clinical reference and decision support tools for medical training, diagnostics and clinical references.

"Currently, more than one billion people live in rural, underserved areas with inadequate access to healthcare and nearly one third of countries are experiencing critical shortages of skilled healthcare workers," said Kerry Kennedy, President of the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. "Health eVillages will empower caregivers domestically and internationally by arming them with medical tools and references in regions that lack access to this critical and lifesaving technology."

Health eVillages is comprised of leading international healthcare advocacy organizations, mobile healthcare solution providers, health information technology companies, communication providers and public health foundations. They will provide healthcare professionals in disadvantaged areas with new and refurbished mobile phones and handheld devices that do not require Internet access and are preloaded with clinical decision support reference tools, to ensure caregivers and patients have safe access to updated medical references in remote locations. All devices include drug guides, medical alerts, journal summaries and references from over 50 medical publisherKs resources powered by, Inc.

"Putting these devices in the hands of healthcare professionals who require access to current treatment guidelines and references for chronic diseases, drug interaction guidance and medical specialties will help save lives," said Donato Tramuto, founding partner and CEO and vice chairman of Physicians Interactive Holdings. "Health eVillages will arm clinicians with a 'gold standard' medical reference tool-kit, so that they are prepared for any situation and are able to properly treat even the most unique medical conditions."

To date, Health eVillages has conducted pilot projects in several regions, including Haiti, Kenya, Uganda and the Greater Gulf Coast. The Health eVillages advisory board is comprised of accomplished executives that have played a critical role in the healthcare industry throughout their careers and bring vast knowledge, dedication and insight to the Health eVillages program.

Members of the Health eVillages Advisory Board include:
  • Kerry Kennedy, co-founding partner and president of the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights
  • Donato Tramuto, co-founding partner, CEO and vice chairman of Physicians Interactive Holdings
  • John Boyer, chairman of the board of directors for Maximus Federal Services
  • Glen Tullman, chief executive officer of Allscripts
  • Steve Andrzejewski, former chief executive officer of NycoMed, Inc.
  • Alexander Baker, chief operating officer of Partners Community Healthcare
  • Dr. Mary Jane England, former president of Regis College
  • Neil Versel, freelance healthcare journalist
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About Physicians Interactive Holdings
Physicians Interactive Holdings, with its subsidiary, Inc., is the leading resource for healthcare information, medication samples and mobile decision support tools to medical professional everywhere. We use the full power of our network to bring clinicians and Life Sciences Companies together in ways that will change the practice and business of medicine, for the better. Physicians Interactive Holdings has developed a foundation of user-generated, proprietary and public data that powers a networked suite of transactional applications, including eSampling, interactive learning programs and mobile solutions. Physicians Interactive Holdings is owned by Perseus LLC, a merchant bank and private equity fund management company. For more information about PIH, visit

About Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights
The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights is dedicated to advancing human rights. Through long-term partnerships and cutting-edge methods, we assist advocates who have won the RFK Human Rights Award. We support investigative journalists and authors who bring light to injustice through the RFK Book and Journalism Awards. Our Speak Truth to Power program educates the public and provides students with a toolkit for action to create change in the classroom, the community, nationally and internationally. The RFK Center for Human Rights (RFK Center) engages in long-term partnerships with human rights activists who have won the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award to initiate and support sustainable social justice movements. The Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award was established in 1984 to honor courageous and innovative individuals striving for human rights.



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