Pharmacy Solutions

Pharmacies are essential in distributing medications to patients. Medication errors are the third leading cause of medical errors. Minimizing these errors requires continuous interaction between the pharmacy and the doctor’s office; as well as between the pharmacy and the patient. As sensitive information is being exchanged it is necessary for it to be managed using a HIPAA-secure platform.

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Buzz helps pharmacies stay connected and cut down on medication errors by:

Promoting direct communication between pharmacy staff and the physician’s office

Allowing for label checks, dosage, prescription and refill confirmations

Facilitating communication with patients securely and confidentially

Integrating with the pharmacist’s workflow through mobile and desktop, allowing for improved efficiency

Promoting closer interaction between pharmacy staff for seamless hand offs to the pharmacist on duty thereby helping to reduce errors


Accelerate your daily communication workflow

Communication organized in one place

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Frequently Ask Questions

What is Buzz?

Buzz is a HIPAA-secure platform that simplifies real-time on-the-go communications between healthcare providers. It supports commonly used communication modalities between healthcare professionals including texts, dictation, private calls, audio, images, reports and video sharing.

Who should use Buzz?

Buzz is ideal for any group or team within the medical practices and healthcare setting who need to communicate with each other securely and confidently, for their daily workflow communication and documentation needs, including the patient related or other administrative exchanges.

Is Buzz HIPAA-Secure?

Yes! All information sent over Buzz is encrypted using both Public and a Private key. That means only the sender and receiver can read the information.

How do you make money?

Buzz is a free app with an express intent to have a universal communication without the artificial walls or boundaries.  Even though Buzz is a free App, you can actively decide to support our efforts with specifically upgraded features available via in-app purchases. To use such features, you will have a few options within the app settings.

What platforms does Buzz run on?

For the mobile platform, Buzz runs on both iOS (iPhones and iPads) and Android. Buzz can also be accessed from a browser.

Can I use Buzz on more than 1 device?

Yes. Your account will have a unique account ID, password and Pass Phrase. With these you can use Buzz on multiple devices. Your information will be synced up across all the devices.