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Buzz: A powerful and invaluable communication tool for healthcare and community professionals

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the demands and stresses on the healthcare and municipal communities as well as government agencies are unprecedented. Although CMS has loosened HIPAA guidelines to some degree, one is still expected to work broadly within its parameters.

With coordination required on multiple fronts – within the organization, across organizations, with public health and other government personnel, one needs an out-of-the box solution that can easily set up care and response communication groups.

BUZZ is a powerful and flexible communication and collaboration tool for the healthcare community that can provide the security and flexibility you are seeking.

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Skyscape is proud to offer its flagship product BUZZ, a powerful and flexible communication and collaboration tool, free for first responders!

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If you, or an organization you know, is responding to this crisis and needs HIPAA-compliant communications, please have them reach out. Contact our sales or support teams to help you understand the regulatory and compliance landscape in light of the PII and PHI you might now be collecting while responding to this crisis by emailing